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Impreza 60 Cleric LF Raid.
Posted By Bizondrd (0 replies)
7/11/2011 11:20 PM in General Discussion
here's the deal....
Posted By TC (1 replies)
6/5/2011 9:28 AM in General Discussion
Posted By Bwiz (1 replies)
5/17/2011 10:18 AM in General Discussion
Posted By Mad1138 (2 replies)
4/24/2011 4:32 AM in General Discussion
back in black
Posted By Kaldolm (2 replies)
1/31/2011 10:13 PM in General Discussion
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cg Falk on Deso1

tcakacol, Sep 25, 11 6:49 AM.
12 hours of brutality

LOTS of toons became deso2 spawners :D

if you missed out too bad !

razeal moloch x4 !

tcakacol, Sep 24, 11 4:59 AM.
CG Raidwar MT'ing all 4 kills w/ Falk holding adds
8 necklaces added to our overall inven
we got to see some no trade gear drop too

ill post items/stats on site and mail to CS bc idr seeing them there :D

AS owns

tomyk81, Jul 6, 11 5:43 PM.
Nox bert and RM x2 nice job on the raids
cg evilhalo getting sha PoD

Promotions !

tcakacol, Jun 25, 11 2:39 PM.
congrats to Chris and Toon on joining our ranks as Guildmasters
congrats to Robbin and Falk on becoming Elders


tomyk81, Jun 23, 11 6:14 PM.
Bert was main tanked by Falkrinn
Congrats to Funsized who won Rodcets Touch Pal PoD spell.
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